ANGUSalive is a private company limited by guarantee without share capital use of 'limited' exemption.

It was incorporated on 27 February 2015 with Company Number SC499155. The company is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association through its board of nine directors. Angus Council is the sole member of the company. The company has charitable status under Section 505 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 and the Scottish Charity Number is SC046133.

The company was granted charitable status on 13 November 2015 and commenced trading on 1 December 2015. Any surplus income generated by the company is reinvested to improve the facilities and services provided to the communities in Angus.

ANGUSalive has a trading subsidiary Angus CLT (Trading) Limited which is a Private Limited Company incorporated on 17 March 2015 with Company Number SC500697.

Board Member Charity Date Appointed Trading Company Date Appointed
Mr Kenneth Fraser (Chair) Yes 11.11.2015 No -
Mrs Hannah Whaley (Vice-Chair) Yes 11.11.2015 No -
Cllr Bill Duff Yes 27.02.2015 Yes 17.03.2015
Cllr Colin Brown Yes 27.02.2015 No -
Mr Kenneth McKay Yes 11.11.2015 Yes 18.11.2015
Cllr Lynne Devine Yes 07.09.2018 - -
Cllr Richard Moore Yes 07.09.2018 - -
Charlie Cameron Yes 11.09.2018 - -
Alan Rae Yes 11.09.2018 - -

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ANGUSalive is a registered Scottish Charity No. SC046133

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